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English speaking narcoleptic moving Switzerland:please help!

Verfasst: Sa Aug 23, 2014 9:46 pm
von sleepy_stranger
Hi there, apologies for posting in English, I am from London and am moving to Geneva in November or December. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy 20 years ago and my condition is very stable. I take 200mg modafinil (modasomil, provigil) a day and function well. But I have questions about health insurance, cost of medication, and whether I will be able to drive in Switzerland and I can't seem to find the answers anywhere. I asked an insurance broker and she was not very helpful.

If anyone speaks English, please can you reply, or send a private message? I am very confused and a bit worried about what will happen when I get to Switzerland and I have no one to ask.

Thank you very much.

Re: English speaking narcoleptic moving Switzerland:please h

Verfasst: Mi Sep 03, 2014 4:13 am
von Narki
Hi Sleepy Stranger

Everybody living in Switzerland has to have health insurance. At the latest after three months of residence in Switzerland, you must have registered yourself and your family with a health insurance company.
The basic insurance cover, which is compulsory for all adults and children in Switzerland, covers the costs for treatment by doctors and
in specific hospitals as well as for most prescribed medication.
Every month, you pay the health insurance company a premium for this. The level of this premium depends on where you live, whether you want to pay part of the costs yourself and whether you have insurance for additional benefits. Dental treatment is an example of such an additional benefit which is not covered by the basic insurance and has to be paid for separately.

For more information in English have a look at: ... men-en.pdf ... ml?lang=en

Greetings from Zürich,